French Frigates Take Part in Joint Exercises

On January 8, 2022, the Frigate multi-missions (FREMM) Auvergne and Provence and Rafale planes from the French Air and Space forces operated jointly in the eastern Mediterranean, as part of joint maneuvers.

After a simulated Naval Cruise Missile (MdCN) strike, carried out in cooperation with the US Navy, the two ships carried out an air defense exercise by interacting with two Rafale fighters from the Air Base projected to the Levant. This operation illustrates the capacity of the French armies to implement, in a joint framework and far from their bases, credible and interoperable means, in order to affirm France’s attachment to the freedom to operate in the airspace. international and on the high seas, in this strategic area for Europe.

The Auvergne and Provence frigates are deployed in the eastern Mediterranean as part of the permanent naval presence maintained by France in this sensitive area, and in direct support of Operation CHAMMAL. They contribute in particular to the autonomous assessment of France’s situation in this region.

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