Admiral Kasatonov Conducts Flight Training in the Barents Sea

Today, the crews of the Shipborne Ka-27 helicopters of the Air Force and Air Defense Army of the Northern Fleet worked in the Barents Sea to land on the deck of the frigate “Admiral Kasatonov”, located in the fleet training grounds in the Barents Sea.

During the flight shift, five Ka-27 shipborne helicopters were involved, the crews of shipboard helicopters made 29 landings on the ship in drift and on the move, some of which were in the dark.

In addition, helicopter pilots conducted overflights of the frigate “Admiral Kasatonov” in order to check its radio weapons, air defense systems, communication systems and aviation control systems.

As part of the training flights, along with landings on the deck, helicopter pilots worked out tactical techniques for searching and tracking submarines of a conditional enemy.

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