Undisclosed Lafayette Class Suffers Fire in Keelung

The Naval Fleet Command issued a press release in response to media reports that “warships at Keelung Port caught fire and smoke” (January 10, 111)

In response to media reports that “warships berthed at Keelung Port and caught fire and smoke,” the Naval Fleet Command stated today (10) that it belonged to the Great Taiwan warship of the 1992 Fleet. This afternoon, the officer spotted sparks from the kitchen chimney and the officers and soldiers on board. The CO2 fire extinguisher was used to put out the fire immediately, and there was no damage to personnel and equipment.

The Naval Fleet Command pointed out that, after preliminary verification, the Great Taiwan warship was caused by carbon deposits and oil pollution in the kitchen chimney. When the kitchen was cooking today, the high temperature caused a fire in the chimney tunnel.

Because the officers and soldiers quickly put out the fire and handled them properly, there was no damage to the personnel and equipment; the Navy Command And the headquarters has set up an investigation team to clarify the cause, and order all fleets to be cited as case propaganda, to prevent the occurrence of similar cases, and to maintain the safety of ship equipment.

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