Netherlands Takes Command of NATO’s SNMG1

During a January 7th digital ceremony, the Netherlands took command of NATO’s SNMG1 for the rest of the year. It concerns the Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1).

HNLMS Rotterdam is the flagship of the international fleet, which is controlled by the NATO Maritime Headquarters in the United Kingdom. Commander Ad van de Sande is in charge of the connected ships. In addition to the Dutch members, his staff also includes officers from Denmark, Great Britain and Romania. The Rotterdam will depart from Amsterdam to sea after this weekend.

“This command is an honor for me personally and for the Royal Netherlands Navy,” said Van de Sande during the transfer. “Together with our allies, we are stronger. My staff and I will work hard to guide the fleet participants in the tasks and operations that we are about to perform. My priorities are being visible at sea, being ready for deployment and the well-being of the crew. “

The link will be strengthened with ships from Denmark and Germany, among others. Together they are committed to safety on and from the sea 24/7. In addition, major exercises are planned, for example off the coast of Norway.

SNMG1 is one of NATO’s 4 permanent maritime response forces. The fleet mainly operates in and around Europe and the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. The participating naval vessels practice with each other, make joint port visits and are quickly deployable in crisis situations.

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