First refueling 2022, at the Antarctic Naval Base “Arturo Prat”

Antarctica. On January 4, as part of the Antarctic work, ATF “GALVARINO” carried out refueling tasks at the Antarctic Naval Base “Arturo Prat”, taking advantage of the unbeatable weather conditions.

The task lasted approximately three and a half hours, allowing optimization of the logistics levels of the Base, in order to be able to face the winter period in good conditions.

On the occasion, the ship’s personnel descended to land, in order to know the dependencies and to be able to establish communications with their loved ones.

The Base Commander, Frigate Captain OM Eduardo Domínguez, thanked the constant support given by the Unit to the Ship Commander, Frigate Captain Felipe Daiber, who remembered his first visit to Base “Prat”, highlighting the changes that have occurred over time.

This year the ship was assigned to the Third Naval Zone, with a Base Port in Punta Arenas after the end of its commission in the Chilean Antarctic Territory, in order to continue contributing to the Magallanes Region and Chilean Antarctica.

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