FS Auvergne Trains With Turkish Navy in the Black Sea

As part of its patrol in the Black Sea, the multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Auvergne conducted, on December 30, mutual training with the Turkish frigate Yildirim , of the MEKO 200 class.

The activities carried out – communication exercise by flags, tactical evolutions and presentations for refueling at sea – have made it possible to maintain elementary know-how and interoperability between NATO allies.

The Turkish and French navies, allies within NATO since 1952, are required to cooperate regularly, during exercises or within established forces, such as the Standing NATO forces ( Standing NATO maritime group 2 and Standing NATO mine countermeasures 2).

More generally, the armed forces maintain a regular bilateral dialogue, as evidenced by the visit of the commander of the Mediterranean maritime zone to Ankara in spring 2021.

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