USS John Warner Receives Award from City of Norfolk

Virginia-class attack submarine USS John Warner (SSN 785), homeported at Naval Station Norfolk, received an award from the City of Norfolk Emergency Services Department during a ceremony Tuesday, Dec. 14.

The boat received the award for information taught to Radiological Emergency Response Organization responders and civil authorities from the U.S. Coast Guard, surrounding cities and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management during a tour held back in September.

“In September, the City of Norfolk, the Norfolk Naval Shipyard and the crew of the USS John Warner participated in an exercise that tested the ability and the effectiveness for us to quickly come together and work towards a common goal,” said Dyan McDermott, City of Norfolk’s chief training officer and 9/11. “In preparation for this exercise, we had to tour the John Warner. The crew welcomed us into their home and answered questions. We quickly realized the crew and the City of Norfolk had the same values other than just the exercise.”

The award was presented to the crew of John Warner by McDermott, Scott Mahone, one of the City of Norfolk’s deputy emergency management coordinators, and Daniel Hudson, another of the City of Norfolk’s deputy emergency management coordinators.

“We realized the guiding values of the ship, and the city, were developing strong leaders, building trust by sharing information, empowering our staff, striving for improvement, and including a diversity of voices and ideas,” said McDermott. “With these values in place, we know we can think big, have fun and be great.”

The City of Norfolk’s award came in the form of an Xbox gaming controller after their representatives learned of its unique use aboard John Warner.

As a sign of gratitude, the crew gifted the City of Norfolk a John Warner challenge coin and a signed photo of the boat.

Fast-attack submarines are multi-mission platforms enabling five of the six Navy maritime strategy core capabilities – sea control, power projection, forward presence, maritime security and deterrence. They are designed to excel in anti-submarine warfare, anti-ship warfare, strike warfare, special operations, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, irregular warfare and mine warfare. Fast-attack submarines project power ashore with special operations forces and Tomahawk cruise missiles in the prevention or preparation of regional crises.

USS John Warner is the 12th Virginia-class attack submarine and the first ship to bear the name of Senator, John Warner. The submarine was built by the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics Corporation, Groton, Conn., and commissioned Aug. 1, 2015. The 377-foot ship has a current crew complement of 15 officers and 117 enlisted Sailors and displaces more than 7,800 tons of water.

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