Caspian Flotilla Worked Out a Secretive Night Voyage

As part of preparation for the performance of tasks at sea, the crews of surface ships of the Caspian Flotilla (CFL) worked at the basing point a set of measures to observe the secrecy of navigation with the help of light signals during night exercises.

According to the plan of the exercise, the ship’s strike group (KUG) of the KFL was supposed to remain unnoticed by the simulated enemy and maintain communication by means of a light signal. For this, all means of communication on the ships were de-energized, and the process of transmitting information was carried out using directional and non-directional light signaling devices.

The crews of the ships organized interaction as part of the CCG, transmitting encoded informational text and digital groups by means of light communication. After the other ship received the light message, the servicemen deciphered the information group and responded in the same way. The crews correctly identified and decoded all received and transmitted signals.

In total, about 10 crews of KFl surface ships took part in the combat training activities.

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