Crew Embarks Boards Project 20380 Razkiy

On December 3, a fully formed and trained military crew moved into the Project 20380 multipurpose patrol ship of the near sea zone of the project 20380 (corvette) “Razkiy”. Currently, the ship being built by order of the Ministry of Defense is being tested at the acceptance base of the Amur Shipyard (part of the USC) in Vladivostok.

“This is an important stage in the construction of the order,” says Razhden Baratashvili, responsible for the delivery of Rezkoy.

Meanwhile, according to the responder “Rezky”, all conditions for comfortable living and work of the crew have been created on the ship: all ship systems ensuring its survivability have been tested, most of the mechanisms have been checked, all rooms have been fully formed, and the galley has been launched. The first three-course lunch in the new dining room of the multipurpose patrol boat helped the military crew prepare the specialists of the ASZ test and delivery team. Meanwhile, the officers settled in a cozy wardroom.

The factory commissioning team and the military crew have all the conditions for working out tasks related to the direct purpose of the ship. Fighting posts have been determined, at which, together with the sailors, the members of the factory crew will also be on duty. Service on board the ship is on a regular basis, including mandatory joint exercises.

Representatives of almost all shops of the main production of the ASZ, as well as contractor organizations, worked to approach this important stage in the construction of the Corvette Rezkiy. The specialists of the construction department, the department of material and technical supply, and transport workers contributed to the observance of the construction deadlines and ensuring the full preparation of production.

Today, work is underway on the ship to prepare for the launch of the main diesel engines. According to the plans of the builders, this event will take place in December.

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