FS Bretagne Takes Part in NATO Exercise FLOTEX SILVER

From 22 to 29 November 2021, the Multi-mission Frigate (FREMM) Bretagne took part in the FLOTEX SILVER 21 exercise off the Norwegian coast.

Organized by Norway off Tromsø, FLOTEX SILVER is a major allied exercise involving the participation of the Standing Maritime Group of the Atlantic Alliance (SNMG1). It aims to strengthen interoperability between allied air and sea units operating in the Grand-Nord theater.

The UK , under the operational control of the Headquaters (HQ) MARCOM and integrated with SNMG1, was able to lead a multi-drive struggles constituted strength, the German sailors sides, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian and Portuguese.

28 exercises were carried out: they enabled the components to train in the various fields of warfare: anti-submarine, anti-ship warfare, anti-aircraft warfare, and defense against terrorist threats.

A refueling exercise at sea was also carried out in a polar environment (close to -10 ° C) allowing all the equipment of the French frigate to be put to the test.

FREMM Bretagne is now continuing its mission in the Far North area and is preparing to carry out an unprecedented logistics maneuver in the Atlantic theater with the first crew relief in Iceland. It will orient its mission in the field of anti-submarine warfare.

Through its presence in this part of the North Atlantic, FREMM Bretagne contributes to the autonomous assessment of France’s situation in this part of the world and to the reaffirmation of the French will to cooperate with the NATO countries in this area. theater of operations with strategic challenges.

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