Sevmash Ships Awarded State Awards

On the eve of the birthday of Sevmash (part of the USC), Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on awarding state awards to 77 employees of the enterprise and KB “Rubin-Sever”. The shipbuilders were awarded the insignia by the Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region Alexander Tsybulsky.

For a great contribution to the development and creation of new special equipment, the highest distinction – “Order of Merit to the Fatherland” IV degree – was awarded to the General Director of Sevmash Mikhail Budnichenko and the foreman of workshop 43 for painting and insulation works and special coatings Vladimir Bubnov. The Order of Courage was awarded to the Deputy Head of the Submarine Shipbuilding Directorate – the responsible deliverer of the Knyaz Vladimir nuclear submarine Alexander Makarikov, the Order of Merit of the Sea – to the Deputy Head of the Submarine Shipbuilding Directorate Sergei Barannikov and the First Deputy Chief Engineer for Production Preparation Sergei Kornilov.

The Rigger of Shop 22 Nikolai Zinoviev and Leading Process Engineer of Shop 42 Galina Fedchenko were awarded the Order of Friendship. The Medal of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”, 1st degree, was awarded to the head of the bureau of shop 40 Vadim Zmetny and the pipeline operator of ship shop 9 Valentin Shagalov. 22 people were awarded the Medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, II degree. The medal “For Merit in the Development of Atomic Energy” was awarded to Oleg Nikitin, Deputy Head of the Nuclear Radiation Safety Department – Head of the Nuclear Safety Service and dosimetrist Andrei Papylev.

The honorary title “Honored Designer of the Russian Federation” was awarded to the leading design engineer of the Sevmash Design Bureau, Sergei Neumoin. 26 shipbuilders received the title of “Honored Mechanical Engineer of the Russian Federation”. The head of workshop 31 Vasily Blotsky was awarded the title “Honored Metallurgist of the Russian Federation”, the head of the department of non-metallic production of the scientific and technological management Sergey Kozlov and galvanic of workshop 6 Galina Sinitskaya – “Honored Chemist of the Russian Federation” “, The head of the department of legal support Larisa Nekhoroshkova -” Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation. ” Nine more people were awarded certificates of honor and gratitude from the President of the Russian Federation.

At the ceremony, the Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region Alexander Tsybulsky noted that Sevmash does not just build ships, but creates the pride and power of our country. More nuclear submarines have been built on the stocks of the plant than at any other shipyard in the world. Alexander Vitalievich emphasized the contribution of shipbuilders to strengthening the country’s defense capability.

“Today is a wonderful day,” General Director Mikhail Budnichenko said at the presentation. – The homeland appreciated the shipbuilders of Sevmash according to their merits. No wonder they say that technology is more complicated than nuclear submarines. Sevmash has built 134 nuclear submarines, they reliably protect the borders of our country ”. Mikhail Anatolyevich noted that the enterprise is loaded under the state defense order until 2035. And everyone who puts their heart and soul into the work will not remain unnoticed.

photo by M. Vorkunkov

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