Brief Brief Brief IRINI – First approach agreed for Commander Bouan

Engaged in the European Union operation EUNAVFORMED IRINI, the High Seas Patroller (PHM) Commander Bouan carried out on November 24, 2021, a ” friendly” approach on the merchant vessel NS Consult , flying the Liberian flag. .

The concept of agreed approach aims to offer ships present in the IRINI operation’s mandate area to embark a small team of sailors to exchange information, and in particular to present the objectives of the operation to them. The visit team sent by Commander Bouan was therefore tasked with promoting the action of the European Union, establishing a climate of confidence and collecting information on any suspicious events observed by the crew off the coast. from Libya.

The principles defended by the operation are the strengthening of security and the affirmation of the freedom of navigation. Guided by these principles, the action of European military vessels engaged in this mission is well received within the international maritime community.

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