Vitse Admiral Kulakov Returns to Severomorsk

The large anti-submarine ship (BOD) of the Northern Fleet “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” completed the tasks of the long-range cruise and this morning arrived at the point of permanent basing – the city of Severomorsk.

The passage through the Kola Bay and the mooring of the ship to the berth took place in difficult hydrometeorological conditions with strong winds and waves. The crew and mooring crews on the pier worked harmoniously with the harbor tugs and safely moored the ship to the accompaniment of the Northern Fleet military band.

The solemn ceremony with a report on the fulfillment of the assigned tasks by the senior captain of the 1st rank Stanislav Varik to the commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Alexander Moiseev, took place in the afternoon. The Fleet Commander congratulated the sailors on their arrival at their home base and presented the ship’s commander, Captain 2nd Rank Stanislav Roshchupkin, with a traditional roast pig, and also awarded the distinguished members of the crews of the VPK “Vice-Admiral Kulakov”, the rescue-tug ship “Altai” and the medium sea tanker “Akademik Pashin “.

The rally dedicated to the end of the long voyage was attended by the head of the ZATO Severomorsk, captain of the 2nd rank of the reserve Oleg Prasov, the head of the local Council of veterans of military operations and military service, as well as the chairman of the female council of the ship.

At the end of the solemn ceremony, servicemen of the formations of the ships of the Kola Flotilla of various forces marched in front of the commander of the Northern Fleet.

During the long march, which lasted five months, five girls and four boys were born in nine families of servicemen. Senior seaman of the BPK “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” Dmitry Kostylev, with the birth of his daughter, became a father of many children.

The long-range cruise of the VPK “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” began on June 28 with an exit from the main base of the Northern Fleet – Severomorsk. The crew of the ship took part in the Main Naval Parade in Kronstadt, and after its completion, they worked out individual episodes of practical actions in the Atlantic during a command and staff training in managing the forces and troops of the Northern Fleet.

From August 18 to September 23, the Severomors performed tasks as part of a permanent task force of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea. During this time, they made business calls to Algeria, Syria and Cyprus, and also conducted a number of exercises on various types of defense of a detachment of ships in the transition by sea and worked out a search for submarines of a conditional enemy.

In October, the North Sea residents ensured the safety of civilian shipping off the coast of Africa in the Atlantic Gulf of Guinea. They inspected several civilian ships and ensured the safe escort of the Panamanian container ship Lucia, preventing pirates from hijacking its Ukrainian, Russian and Romanian crew.

Since leaving the base, the VPK “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” has traveled more than 28 thousand nautical miles, visiting the ports of five foreign countries.

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