Rescue Operation by Indian Coast Guard At Sea

A major fire in the engine room of MV Kavaratti with 624 passengers and 85 crew onboard was reported to Coast Guard Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, Mumbai by Lakshadweep Development Corporation Ltd. Ship was on passage to Androth from Kavaratti.

The fire was brought under control by the alert crew of the ship and Indian Coast Guard Ship Samarth deployed in area was promptly diverted to render assistance. MV Kavaratti was boarded by a specialist team of Coast Guard Ship Samarth 30 nautical Miles off Kavaratti Island. The vessel was found to be non-operational since the engines couldn’t be used for further propulsion.

Moreover, due to generator failure onboard, owing to the fire, the Shell door couldn’t be operated for safe and expeditious evacuation of all passengers and hence Coast Guard Ship decided to tow the vessel to Androth for positioning all the crew and passengers at safe location. MV Kavaratti was taken under tow by ICGS Samarth in dark hours. The ship was brought to Androth in the morning on 02 December 2021 by Indian Coast Guard Ship Samarth. All passengers were disembarked at Androth. All passengers and crew are reported to be safe.

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