France Deploys an Atlantique 2 for Operation AGENOR

May 5, 2020 (Google Translation) – Deployed for two months as part of Operation AGENOR [ Short Link ], military component of the European-led Maritime Awarness in the Straight of Hormuz (EMASoH) mission, the Atlantic2 maritime patrol aircraft has effectively contributed to strengthening the regional situation assessment.

This first detachment in the sky of the Strait of Hormuz supplements that deployed at sea with the air defense frigate Forbin and the Dutch vessel HLMS De Ruyter. The commitment of these different capacities and the European cooperation implemented make it possible to carry out maritime reconnaissance and surveillance actions useful for assessing the situation in an area that remains sensitive. Thus, the flights carried out by this first detachment of the ATL2 made it possible to establish a cartography of the maritime activity of the area and to better understand the behavior of each regional player, for the benefit of the safety of the vessels passing through it.

Operation AGENOR embodies the military component of the political project (EMASoH), carried by eight European states (Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal). Its mission is to guarantee freedom of navigation in the Arabian Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, while protecting European and international economic interests. Deployed in a spirit of de-escalation of tensions in this area and relying on naval airpower allowing it to maintain a permanent presence in the Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, the AGENOR operation is commanded from the operational staff of the French forces stationed in the United Arab Emirates (FFEAU). Integrating partner forces, the latter enabled rapid and coordinated deployment of this multilateral operation.

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