Okinawa’s Futenma Air Base Relocation Update

May 7, 2020 (Google Translation) – Futenma Air Base, located in Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture, is located in the city, surrounded by houses and schools, and the aircraft that use it flies over the city, making it the most dangerous airfield in the world.

In response to a request from Okinawa Prefecture in response to a past incident and an aircraft crash at Futenma Air Base, Prime Minister Hashimoto (then) and Ambassador Mondale of Japan (then) met in April 1996 to meet with Futenma. Japan and the US have agreed to relocate the airfield within the prefecture and fully return it. Even after the Japan-US agreement, accidents such as a helicopter crash at a university near the airfield and parts falling at an elementary school have occurred, and we must realize the risk elimination (= full return) of Futenma Airfield as soon as possible. I have to.

If Futenma Air Base is fully returned, we can expect the further development of the town development of Okinawa including Ginowan City by utilizing the 476ha of the airfield (about 100 Tokyo Domes). Currently, Okinawa Prefecture and Ginowan City are also working to formulate a plan to use the site of an airfield.

In addition, experts in various fields will discuss with the Cabinet Office what options are likely to be available for the core facilities / functions of the U.S. Forces in Japan, such as the Futenma Air Base, which will be returned in the future. We are working toward the promotion of the use of the site, such as by holding a round-table conference on the future of the site, which is the base of the site.

(Photo provided by Ginowan City)

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