First UNREP in Three Years for FS Floreal

On a mission in the Indian Ocean as part of the CTF150 mission, the Floréal Surveillance Frigate (FS) took advantage of the presence of the American tanker César Chavez to refuel. Le Floréal had not carried out such a maneuver since 2018.

On November 15, 2021, sailing in the same area of ​​operation, the Floréal and César Chavez carried out supplies at sea. The maneuver was carried out successfully and allowed the Floréal’s sailors to perfect their skills in this field.

For the frigate based in Réunion, such a maneuver is not usual, because the opportunity to refuel at sea is rare, the frigate usually sailing autonomously and according to operational requirements often incompatible with those of the tankers. present. Drawing on the experience acquired during training with the other units in its base port, the Floréal refueled more than 100 m3 of fuel, thus extending its capacity to last at sea by several days.

Le Floréal then resumed its patrol within the framework of CTF150, a mission which fights against the trafficking of narcotics, particularly important in the Indian Ocean.

Beyond the maintenance of skills, this refueling testifies to the capacity of the French armies to operate jointly with partner nations in a theater of operations of strategic importance for France.

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