Caspian Flotilla Monument to be Unveiled in Astrakhan

May 6, 2020 (Google Translation) – In the Astrakhan garrison on the territory of the Sports Center of the Marine and Physical Training of the Caspian Flotilla, the monument to military sailors will be unveiled.

The artillery boat Bumblebee of project 1204 of the early 70s, which was in service with the Caspian flotilla, underwent restoration at the Astrakhan shipyard, delivered via the Volga water channel and installed on a pedestal.

“Bumblebees” performed the tasks of protecting and defending the State Border of the USSR. Mostly on the rivers Amur (Chinese border) and Amu Darya (Afghan border).

These boats made a particularly invaluable contribution during the Afghan campaign. Many crew members were awarded orders and medals and have the status of soldiers-internationalists.

The grand opening of the symbol of the military glory of the Russian Navy will be held on May 9 at 9:45 Moscow time.

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