RFS Ivan Gren Conducts Rough Weather Ka-29 Trials

The large landing ship “Ivan Gren” left for the Barents Sea to conduct helicopter landing drills on deck in difficult hydrometeorological conditions. The pilots of a separate shipborne helicopter anti-submarine aviation regiment of the Northern Fleet will be trained on the Ka-29 sea-based airborne assault helicopters. Previously, they also worked out a set of tasks for the use of carrier-based aircraft from the ship.

Stormy weather will be a feature of the upcoming deck landings. Only experienced, specially trained helicopter crews will be involved in the flights.

Helicopter trainings on landing and takeoffs from the deck of the Ivan Gren large landing craft will take place at the training grounds of the fleet in the Barents Sea. In the same place where in October the crews of the Ka-29 helicopters worked several flight shifts, having made more than 100 take-offs and landings on the ship’s helipad.

Large amphibious assault ships of project 11711 are intended for basing carrier-based aircraft. In addition to the equipment and personnel of the amphibious assault, they are capable of taking on board two Ka-29 assault helicopters, which can provide fire support when landing marines ashore and land combat groups behind enemy lines of up to 10 people with weapons.

Two Project 11711 large landing ships are in service in the Northern Fleet: Ivan Gren and Pyotr Morgunov. They operate as part of a compound of landing ships of the Kola Flotilla of diverse forces.

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