Indian Ocean Drug Seizures by FS Floréal & Chevalier Paul

Respectively integrated and placed in support of the Combined Task Force 150 (CTF 150), the Floréal Surveillance Frigate (FS) and the Chevalier Paul Air Defense Frigate (FDA) have recently carried out major drug seizures. These operations demonstrate the importance of the French contribution within the framework of the CTF 150 which fights against illicit trafficking which contributes to the financing of terrorism and organized crime.

Left Reunion Island at the end of October in order to be integrated into the CTF150 and after several days of patrol, pursuit and more than 20 hours of visits to several suspicious dhows, FS Floréal made three seizures of narcotics in a few days. More than 370 kg of heroin, nearly 520 kg of methamphetamine and 1 t of cannabis resin were seized and destroyed in five days, from November 3-7. The cost of these seizures is estimated at $ 20 million.

On November 9, in the late afternoon, the FDA Chevalier Paul made a major drug seizure in the Arabian Sea. The frigate detected a dhow with suspicious behavior on board which a survey operation began. The visiting team seized more than 2 tonnes of cannabis as well as 20 kg of heroin. This anti-drug trafficking operation, outside the scope of usual use of the FDA, designed to control airspace, illustrates the versatility of French military resources.

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