Frigate Carabiniere Provides Medical Assistance to Fishing Vessel

On November 16, 2021, during a patrol activity in the area of ​​responsibility of Operation Mare Safe , currently commanded by Rear Admiral Valentino Rinaldi and aimed at the presence and surveillance in a sea area of ​​high value for the protection of interests national and control activities and support to the national fishing fleet, ship Carabiniere – in command of the frigate Edward Ristori Captain – has received a request for health care as part of a national fishing boat, who complained of poor health of a board seagoing vessels .

After a first triagecarried out via radio by the ship’s doctor, and after evaluating the information available, the Navy Unit promptly assumed suitable route and speed to close the distances in the shortest possible time to the fishing boat, to be able to provide the best possible assistance .

Once on site, medical personnel were sent on board, together with riflemen from the Marina San Marco Brigade , appointed to provide an adequate security framework. The military personnel sent on board the fishing boat were equipped with all the personal protective equipment, designed to prevent the risk of COVID-19. Once aboard the fishing boat, the teamSanitary found the need to investigate the health conditions of two seafarers who were subsequently visited and subjected to a quick antigenic swab, for greater protection of all the personnel involved.

The conditions were immediately judged to be in need of further investigation and treatment in a ground-based facility, even though neither of them had been judged to be in danger of life. After evaluating the distances involved and contacting the Lampedusa airport and health center by telephone, we proceeded to organize a medical evacuation by means of the SH-90 helicopter organic to the Unit, which took off promptlyfrom board towards the island of the Pelagie where, near the landing pad, an ambulance was ready to wait for the seafarers, who were subsequently transported to the hospital for treatment and further investigation of the case.

The presence of the Navy Units in the Central Mediterranean in maritime surveillance and security activities, as well as protecting national interests, ensures support for the national maritime cluster .

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