90th Anniversary for Vympel Shipyard

In the fall of 1931, the Rybinsk Cutter Plant (now the Vympel Shipyard) produced its first boat. With a length of 11.5 meters, designed for only 20 passengers, it developed a speed of no more than 14-15 kilometers per hour. To date, the boat was unsightly, and its contours are far from perfect. But to the first shipbuilders who were just learning to build ships, their brainchild seemed to be a real handsome man. Each worker, and there were about 200 of them at the plant at that time, ran into the shop to look at the constructed ship.

The release of river vessels for the national economy was at that time a real feat. The plant was just under construction, there was no electricity, there was not enough transport, and there was poor supply. The metal was cut with hand scissors, holes for rivets in steel sheets were punched with a hand press. For hot knockout of the hull sheathing, a large fire was made in the factory yard and metal was laid in it.

The first boat was released on the eve of the October Revolution (according to the new style on November 7), two more were in the installation, six were waiting for the delivery of engines. From 1931 to 1932, the plant built 14 boats. They were sent to the first customers – the Vostokzoloto trust, the Tsvetmetzoloto association, the People’s Commissariat of Posts and Telegraphs (Narkompochtel) and others.

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