Japan-U.S. Bilateral Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise

The Indo-Pacific Deployment 2021 (IPD21) units conducted a bilateral exercise with the U.S. Navy in order to strengthen the capability of Japan-U.S. Alliance for effective deterrence and response as described below.
1. Objectives
(1) To improve JMSDF’s tactical capabilities
(2) To improve interoperability between JMSDF and U.S. Navy
2. Date
November 16
3. Exercise Area
South China Sea
4. Participating units
(1) JMSDF: JS KAGA, JS MURASAME, Submarine, and P-1
(2) USN: USS MILIUS, and P-8A
5. Type of exercises
Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise
6. Notes
(1) This is the first time for the JMSDF submarine to conduct Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise with
the U.S. Navy at South China Sea.
(2) Preventive measures against COVID-19 were implemented during the exercise

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