Auvergne Takes Part in Exercise in “QUAD” Format

Deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean as part of Operation CHAMMAL, the FREMM Auvergne participated on 12 November, off Cyprus, in a joint exercise with Cypriot, Greek, and Italian units.

The Greek frigate Kontourioutis , the Italian frigate Andrea Doria and the Cypriot patroller Alasia, as well as a helicopter from the 460th Squadron of the Cypriot air force, thus joined the Auvergne to carry out a series of tactical evolutions, communication exercises, as well as landing and medical evacuation training by winching.

One month after the EUNOMIA 2021 exercise which brought together the same European navies in these waters last October, this activity testifies to the vitality of military cooperation between the “QUAD” 1 nations, committed to reaffirming their common attachment to stability. of the region, in accordance with international law.

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