Caspian Flotilla Celebrates 299th Anniversary

The Red Banner Caspian Flotilla (CFL) of the Southern Military District celebrates the 299th anniversary of its foundation. The beginning of the formation of the ship formation of the Volga-Caspian direction was laid on November 15, 1722 by the decree of Peter I.

At present, the flotilla is a full-fledged strike force of the Russian Navy. In the framework of the new geopolitical conditions, the role and importance of CFL is increasing. The main tasks are to ensure the national and state interests of Russia in the region, counter terrorism. Also, the Government of the Russian Federation has approved the state shipbuilding program for the construction of ships for the KFL, within the framework of which a project of warships has already been developed taking into account the specifics of the Caspian Sea.

As part of the military district, the KFL personnel continue to fulfill their military duty with honor and dignity, improve their professional skills, military and naval training. This is facilitated by the exercises conducted in accordance with the combat training plan of the military district. For example, the tasks aimed at ensuring security in the Southwestern region of Russia were successfully worked out by the flotilla together with a group of forces during a bilateral command-and-staff exercise. More than 8,000 servicemen from the three combined-arms armies, the forces of the Black Sea Fleet and the KFL, the air force and air defense formations, formations and units of the combat arms and special forces of district subordination were involved in practical actions.

One of the tasks facing the CFL is to strengthen the military community and diplomatic relations between the Caspian states. Detachments of KFL ships have repeatedly visited the ports of the Caspian states and participated in joint exercises with the navies of the Caspian countries.

Today, the CFL includes over 60 ships and vessels. Most of them are modern designs. Only in recent years, the flotilla has included small artillery ships Volgodonsk, Makhachkala, a rocket ship Dagestan, small rocket ships Grad Sviyazhsk, Uglich, Veliky Ustyug, anti-sabotage boats Yunarmeets of the Caspian Sea, Yunarmeets of Dagestan “,” Yunarmeets of Tatarstan “, patrol boat” P-436 “.

More than 1,000 officers, warrant officers and warrant officers of the flotilla were awarded government awards. The important state tasks of the modern period are solved by the marines of the KFL, many of them were awarded state and departmental awards. The Hero of the Russian Federation, Senior Warrant Officer Grigory Zamyshlyak, is an example of the fulfillment of military duty and service to the Motherland for the entire personnel of the flotilla.

At present, the Caspian Flotilla is still a powerful, combat-ready formation, which is not only the southern outpost of Russia, but also a guarantee of the inviolability of sea borders, the most important instrument of the state’s foreign policy in the Caspian. It includes missile, torpedo and artillery boats, landing ships, base and raid minesweepers, units of the marines, coastal missile and artillery troops and others.

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