Project 633 Submarine Arrives in Balaklava for Museum Duty

Specialists of the Military Construction Complex of the Russian Ministry of Defense, together with the military sailors of the Black Sea Fleet, have completed the next stage of a large-scale reconstruction of the world’s only museum of fortifications with an underground harbor for submarines.

The diesel submarine of project 633 was delivered from Sevastopol to the Crimean bay of Balaklava. It will take pride of place in the dry dock as a museum piece, which was reconstructed and prepared by military builders in advance.

First, the sailors carried out the first, trial transport of a completely museum-fueled and therefore unguided submarine. Two tugs delivered her from the stocks of the famous Sevastopol Marine Plant to the Yuzhnaya Bay. Having received a favorable weather forecast, early in the morning, when the sea is calm, she was taken out of the Sevastopol harbor and towed to Balaklava Bay.

Earlier, by May 9, 2021, specialists from the Military Construction Complex of the Russian Ministry of Defense completed the first stage of the complete restoration and renovation of the museum complex.

Prior to this, the exposition consisted only of wall banners, stands and showcases with exhibits. Now the atmosphere of an authentic anti-nuclear underground base in the thickness of the cliff in Balaklava (once a top secret facility 825 for sheltering and repairing submarines) is complemented by modern multimedia technologies, lighting, sound and decoration solutions, as well as original installations using genuine exhibits and artifacts.

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