Baltic Fleet Project 12700 Georgiy Kurbatov Trains for Combat Operations

The mine defense ship, as part of working out the elements of the course task at sea, conducted a complex of artillery firing at a surface target and an air target.

In the sea ranges of the Baltic Fleet, the crew of the sea minesweeper “Georgiy Kurbatov” destroyed a “floating mine”, conventionally detected by the ship’s hydroacoustic means.

The next stage of the planned exercise at sea was the destruction of a simulated air target with the help of anti-aircraft artillery.

To destroy naval and air targets, a 14.5 mm naval pedestal machine-gun mount and an AK-306 anti-aircraft artillery mount was used.

The first raising of the Russian Navy flag on the newest naval minesweeper “Georgy Kurbatov” of project 12700 took place on August 19 in Baltiysk.

“Georgiy Kurbatov” will become the next ship that will replenish the mine-sweeping forces of the Russian Navy as part of the plan for their active re-equipment.

 In the short term, a series of several dozen Project 12700 mine defense ships will be built for the Navy.

The ships of this project are designed to combat sea mines, including the new, so-called “smart sea mines”, which the PMO ship of the “Georgiy Kurbatov” type can detect both in water and in sea soil.

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