Pacific Fleet Hydrographic Service Celebrates 165 Years

The Pacific Fleet celebrated the 165th anniversary of the formation of the Pacific Fleet’s hydrographic service.

At present, the hydrographic service of the Pacific Fleet includes more than 40 ships and boats of various classes and continues to be replenished with ships of new projects, while simultaneously performing a huge amount of work in the World Ocean.

Hydrographic vessels of the Pacific Fleet perform assigned tasks from the Chukchi to the South China Sea.

This year, an extensive colossal research work has been carried out in the Pacific Fleet’s area of ​​responsibility. Military hydrographers conducted a comprehensive study of the coastal zone of the islands and the hydrology of the sea. Collecting, updating and entering data into new navigation maps.

Hydrographic vessels “Alexander Rogotsky”, “Marshal Gelovani”, “Pegas”, “Vice-Admiral Vorontsov”, “Sever” and others took part in research activities in various regions.

The work was carried out by specialists with the help of the latest equipment available to ships: multi-beam echo sounders, tide gauges of the open sea, sound speed meters.

In the meantime, the designated hydrographic vessels of the Pacific Fleet will have to take part in an Arctic research expedition.

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