106-Year-Old Kommuna Underway in the Black Sea

In accordance with the plan of combat training and daily activities, the crew of the oldest submarine rescue vessel of the Black Sea Fleet (Black Sea Fleet) “Kommuna” began to perform tasks at sea ranges.

For several days, the servicemen will practice in practice interaction with the crew of the AS-28 manned underwater search and rescue vehicle, which is based on the ship. The submersible will be submerged to various depths from 10 to 40 m. During these activities from the underwater position, the AC-28 calculation will check the connection, and will also work out the algorithm of actions when laying on the ground and when surfacing.

To improve the skills of rescuers at a depth of about 40 m, a model of the submarine’s coaming platform was fixed on the ground. Kommuna specialists ensure the AS-28 launching into the water, its approach to the coaming platform and docking and undocking with it.

Specialized diving vessels and support vessels of the Black Sea Fleet are also involved in the activities.

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