Multinational Naval Exercise in the Black Sea

Seven military ships of the naval forces from Romania, USA, Turkey and Ukraine participated today in a naval exercise that took place in the international waters of the Black Sea off the Romanian coast.

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RS Marasesti (F-111), USS Porter destroyer (DDG-78), USS Mount Whitney (LCC-20) Amphibian command ship USNS “John Lenthall” (T-AO-189), USS 6th Fleet destroyer, Yavuz (F-240) from Turkey, U descent ship KR “Yuri Olefirenko” (LSM-401) and UKR “Sloviansk” (PC-190) patrol ship of Ukraine trained, in general, to strengthen NATO’s reaction capacity in the Black Sea, by applying the Alliance standard operating procedures for different crisis situations and to develop the level of interoperability between the naval forces participating.

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Following the completion of training activities at sea, US military ships make a staircase in the port of Constanta, November 12-14 during which meetings are planned for the commander of the US Fleet, Vice Admiral Eugene H. Black III, with Romanian military officials.


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