Nevsky Shipbuilding Begins Sea Trials of Rescue Tug Piltun

The multifunctional rescue tug “Piltun”, built at the Nevsky Shipbuilding and ship-repairing plant (part of the OCK) in Shlisselburg, entered the factory sea trials in Lake Ladoga.

This is the fourth vessel in a series of four multifunctional rescue tugs under construction at the Nevsky Shipyard.

During the tests, all technical characteristics of the vessel will be checked, systems and special equipment will be tested.

A series of vessels of the MPSV12 project are being built by order of the Federal State Institution “Directorate of the State Customer for Sea Transport Development Programs” of the Federal Agency for Sea and River Transport of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

The vessel of MPSV12 project has ice class Arc5 and can perform a wide range of tasks. These include patrolling and rescue duty, assistance to ships in distress, rescue, and ship repair work at a depth of up to 80 m. The rescue tug is designed for towing emergency ships, extinguishing fires, evacuating people, delivering personnel and cargo. For underwater research, the vessel is equipped with a remote-controlled unmanned underwater vehicle with a submersion depth of up to 3000 m.

The ships of the MPSV12 project were named after the names of the rivers located in the regions of the ports of registration and operation of these ships. The multifunctional rescue tug, serial building number 1204, was named Piltun. Piltun is a river on Sakhalin Island that flows into the Piltun Bay of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The total length of the river is 77 km.

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