Atlantique 2 Participates in Exercise Nemesis

On November 3, 2021, an Atlantic maritime patrol aircraft 2 (ATL2) from the 21F flotilla, participated in the international exercise Nemesis, organized by the coordination and rescue center of the Republic of Cyprus.

Carried out in the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), the objective of this exercise was to test the interoperability of the various regional actors in the Eastern Mediterranean (MEDOR) to deal with a large-scale disaster that could occur on a drilling station of Off-Shore hydrocarbons.

The scenario was based on the assault on an oil prospecting vessel carried out following a fictitious hostage-taking by terrorists. Subsequently, a phase of securing the ship (demining, treatment of fires) began, followed by large-scale sea rescue, coupled with actions to combat marine pollution.

The French ATL2 was used during the rescue phase at sea. In cooperation with Greek, Israeli and Cypriot ships, but also Italian, British and Cypriot planes and helicopters, the ATL2 was to cover a large search area of castaways, simulated by mannequins. He was also in charge of the coordination and safety of all air assets in the area. Thanks to its multiple observation posts and its new generation sensors, the plane detected and reported three castaways, then guided helicopters to recover them. He also reported the coordinates of four other castaways spotted by other air resources and coordinated all recovery actions by helicopters.

This exercise ensured the capacity of participating nations to work together on the basis of a complex crisis scenario. He also highlighted France’s friendship and unfailing support for the Republic of Cyprus, a leading European partner in the eastern Mediterranean.

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