Admiralty Shipyards Bestowed Title “Honored Admiralty”

Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Admiral Nikolai Evmenov noted the contribution of shipbuilders of the Admiralty Shipyards to domestic shipbuilding in connection with the 317th anniversary of this oldest shipbuilding enterprise, which is celebrated in November.

Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, in particular, stressed that “the unique traditions that have developed for more than three centuries today allow the Admiralty Shipyards to be at the forefront of domestic non-nuclear underwater shipbuilding. The skill of the Admiralty allows us to build a series of diesel-electric submarines for the Russian Navy ahead of schedule, which have excellent unique characteristics. One of the areas of work of the Admiralty Shipyards is the construction of icebreaking ships for our Navy. ”

JSC “Admiralty Shipyards” was founded on November 5, 1704 by the Decree of Peter I. Over the years, the company has built almost 3,000 ships and vessels of various classes and purposes. For more than three centuries, JSC “Admiralty Shipyards” is considered a “testing ground” for the construction of ships and vessels of a new type. Engineers and craftsmen of the plant in different years created ships that have become key in the history of the Russian fleet – this is the legendary cruiser “Aurora”, the world’s first nuclear icebreaker “Lenin”, a unique ship of the command and measurement complex “Marshal Krylov”. Today, the Admiralty not only continue with honor, but also develop the best professional traditions of their predecessors. JSC “Admiralty Shipyards” remain one of the leaders of domestic shipbuilding and a recognized center of non-nuclear underwater shipbuilding in Russia. Ships built at shipyards are part of the military and civilian fleets of Russia and many foreign countries.

Currently, the company is successfully building two series of submarines for the Russian Navy. The plant pays great attention to the development of the surface program. Three projects are under construction at the same time: ice-class patrol ships, a series of large freezing fishing trawlers and an ice-resistant self-propelled platform.

In honor of the 317th anniversary of the founding of the enterprise, JSC “Admiralty Shipyards” held a ceremony of awarding the honorary title “Honored Admiralty” to representatives of the production units of the plant.

Awarding the honorary title “Honored Admiralty” is a long-standing tradition dedicated to the Day of the Plant. Every year, a commission consisting of representatives of factory units and the trade union organization of shipyards, by voting selects employees who will be awarded the honorary title. The total length of service and a large personal contribution to the implementation of the production program of the enterprise are considered.

The title “Honored Admiralty” gives its holder the right to additional days to vacation, lifelong preferential service within the framework of the VHI policy in the branch “Medical Center of JSC “Admiralty Shipyards”, the provision of free vouchers to the factory recreation centers and benefits when issuing vouchers for sanatorium treatment.

At the ceremony of awarding the honorary title, employees are awarded a certificate, a breastplate and a valuable gift. The event, held annually on the eve of the birthday of JSC “Admiralty Shipyards”, is a recognition of the labor merits of the admiralty.

“Until 2024, a series of 6 diesel-electric submarines of Project 636.3 will be fully built and will be part of the Pacific Fleet. Currently, the construction of this series continues at the Admiralty Shipyards plant, which is part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation. Moreover, the construction of each submarine is ahead of schedule, “- said earlier the commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, following the results of a working meeting, where issues of underwater shipbuilding were considered.

“Replenishment of the submarine forces of the Pacific Fleet with a series of 6 units of project 636.3 submarines is part of the program implemented today by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Main Command of the Navy to equip the submarine, surface, air and coastal components of the Pacific Fleet. Of course, the Pacific will be able to perform their tasks even more effectively in their operational area of responsibility and in the far ocean zone,” Admiral Nikolai Evmenov emphasized.

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