Baltic Fleet Corvettes Return from Deployment

A detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet consisting of the corvettes “Stoyky” and “Boyky” performed the tasks of the campaign in the Baltic Sea. The crews of the ships spent more than a month at sea. The campaign of the detachment took place within the framework of the permanent naval presence of the ships of the Baltic Fleet in the area of its responsibility.

During the campaign, the detachment left more than 6700 nautical miles behind the stern, the crews worked out dozens of ship exercises and trainings. Military sailors of the corvettes “Stoyky” and “Boyky” performed a set of measures to replenish fuel and water reserves in drift and on the go, worked out the tasks of searching, detecting and destroying submarines of a conditional enemy using a complex of anti-submarine weapons and ka-27 anti-submarine helicopters. Also, specialists of missile and artillery combat units performed the tasks of applying missile strikes by anti-ship missile systems “Uranus” on a detachment of ships of a conditional enemy with the implementation of electronic missile launches, worked out the issues of air and anti-sabotage defense of ships.

Units of marines on the ships of the detachment, worked out various anti-terrorist scenarios and performed shooting from small arms at sea targets.

In the military harbor of Baltiysk, a solemn ceremony of meeting the crews of the detachment took place. On the pier, the military sailors who completed the combat mission were met by the deputy commander of the Baltic Fleet, Rear Admiral Igor Smolyak, representatives of the command and servicemen of the naval formations of the fleet, a military band, relatives and friends of the Baltic sailors.

The ships returned from the campaign technically serviceable and ready after replenishing the necessary supplies to perform tasks for their intended purpose. Distinguished in the long march, the servicemen were awarded valuable gifts from the command of the fleet.

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