Eastern Mediterranean – Franco-Greek Training off Crete

Friday, November 5, off the coast of Crete, the operators of the central operations of the Multi-mission Frigate (FREMM) Auvergne trained alongside their Greek counterparts of the frigate Themistokles.

As part of an anti-aircraft scenario, six F-16 fighter jets of the Greek Air Force, two frigates and their air escort, consisting of two other Greek fighters, opposed the Franco-Greek device composed of the frigate Themistokles and the FREMM Auvergne.

The substantial number of air assets committed made it possible to test the interoperability of the Franco-Greek system and to test its operational effectiveness.

As part of the recently signed strategic partnership between Greece and France, this training follows the many joint exercises conducted in 2021. The ability of the French and Greek navies to coordinate their commitments is also regularly illustrated in operation, particularly on the participation of Greek frigates in the latest deployments of the Naval Air Group (GAN) around the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.

Signed on 28 September 2021, the Strategic Partnership Agreement between France and Greece aims to strengthen and structure long-term defense cooperation to act together to strengthen Europe’s strategic autonomy and sovereignty, by ensuring respect for international law, including the law of the sea. It takes the form of frequent high-level meetings and enhanced bilateral military cooperation as well as capability projects.

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