ATF-65 Janequeo Received Combat Flag

On Friday, October 29, aboard the tugboat ATF-65 “Janequeo”, the ceremony of delivery of the combat flag of the ship was held, which was donated jointly by the Association of Navy Officers in Retiro (ASOFAR AG) and by the 1973 Generation of Navy Officers.

The ceremony was presided over by the Commander in Chief of the Navy, Admiral Juan Andrés De La Maza, and was attended by the Director General of the Navy Services, Rear Admiral Leonardo Quijarro, and the Commander in Chief of the Squad, Rear Admiral Pablo Niemann, accompanied by the Commanders of the National Squad Units and the crew of the tugboat.

On behalf of those who donated the combat pavilion, retired Frigate Captain Claudio Niada spoke to those present: “I want to emphasize that our Navy is distinguished and has been a zealous guardian of its traditions and customs that contribute to give it meaning and a north in its navigate through time. If destiny leads our country to a warlike conflict, we know that this flag will be hoisted and nailed to the top of the ship and its destiny will be covered in glory in victory or flaming under the waters at the top, never surrendered like the flag of the glorious Esmeralda ”, he assured.

After the speech, the combat flag was handed over to the Commander of the Unit, Frigate Captain Rodrigo Pérez, to then give way to the national anthem where the national symbol was raised.

Commander Pérez commented that “any incorporation process is incomplete, if one of the most deeply rooted naval traditions established in our naval ceremonial is not carried out, such as the delivery of its combat flag. For every warship, the combat flag symbolizes and represents the most precious conviction of our oath to serve the Homeland until we surrender our lives if necessary, as demonstrated by Prat and his comrades on May 21, 1879 in the Rada de Iquique”.

It should be noted that the ATF-65 “Janequeo” is an AHTSSV (Anchor Handling Towing Supply and Standby Vessel) class vessel, built between 2016 and October 20, 2020, the date on which it was delivered to the Chilean Navy. at the Larsen & Toubro Shipbuilding Shipyards, in the city of Kattupalli, India.

Which as of February 22, 2021 was incorporated into the Chilean Navy under the acronym, absolute number and name of ATF-65 “Janequeo, after a transit of 13,000 nautical miles from Kattupalli to Valparaíso, having as its base port Valparaiso.

Among its main roles are the Maritime Patrol, Surveillance and Control of Jurisdictional Waters, Search, Rescue, Rescue and Salvage, as well as being an Opportunity Vessel for Submarine Rescue.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that, as part of its secondary roles, is to combat pollution, serve as logistical support to task forces and isolated areas, in addition to supporting the maintenance of maritime signaling.

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