Northern Fleet TU-142 Named “Aleksandr Clubs”

On the eve of the 325th anniversary of the Russian Navy, at the Kipelovo military airfield of the Northern Fleet in the Vologda region, where long-range anti-submarine aircraft are deployed, a solemn ceremony was held to confer the honorary name “Alexander Clubs” to the Tu-142 aircraft. The combat vehicle is named after the outstanding fighter pilot of the Great Patriotic War, who fought under the command of the legendary Soviet ace Alexander Pokryshkin, Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Guards Captain Alexander Fedorovich Klubov, who tragically died during an unsuccessful landing of the La-7 aircraft at the front-line airfield on November 1, 1944 in Poland …

In addition to the command and personnel of the military unit, representatives of the leadership of the administration of the Vologda region, the Vologda region, the historical community, and the grandniece of Alexander Klubov Anna Bochkareva took part in the ceremony.

After a short meeting, the opening of the inscription “Alexander Clubs”, the image of the St. Andrew’s flag and two medals “Gold Star” of the USSR on the fuselage of the Tu-142 aircraft took place.

Paying tribute to the memory of the Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Alexander Klubov, the pilots of the distant anti-submarine squadron marched in a solemn march near the aircraft named after him.

The tradition of naming combat vehicles after heroes is actively supported by pilots of the Northern Fleet. In many aviation units, the names of the legendary aces of the Great Patriotic War and post-war history are inscribed on the fuselages of aircraft.

Tu-142 aircraft are successfully used in the Northern Fleet to combat submarines in the far sea zone, as well as to conduct various types of reconnaissance, including ice reconnaissance in the Arctic.

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