Aconit takes part in MARE APERTO

On the occasion of its return patrol to its base port of Toulon, after two and a half months of mission in the Eastern Mediterranean, the La Fayette-type frigate (FLF) Aconit took part in the exercise MARE APERTO.

Organized annually by the Italian Navy, exercise MARE APERTO took place over two weeks in the Tyrrhenian Sea, between southern Sardinia and northern Sicily. The exercise mobilized several dozen warships, from the patroller to the aircraft carrier Cavour, “flagship” of the Italian fleet, as well as units from allied countries such as the Spessart of the German navy or the Aconit de the French Navy.

After crossing the Strait of Messina on the night of October 18 to 19, the Aconite was integrated into the device and participated in various operational activities: joint patrols with the supply vessel Spessart , group navigation or even anti-aircraft fighting exercises. were flown with two Italian Harrier- type fighter jets on October 20. Under the tactical command of the frigate Virginio Fasan , the Aconite was able to work as a constituted force with Italian ships, ten days after training with the Italian frigate Libeccio during exercise EUNOMIA, carried out off Cyprus.

The Italian Navy is one of the privileged partners of the French Navy in the Mediterranean. Each year, the French Navy contributes to the exercises conducted by the Italian naval forces. Soon, an Italian frigate will participate in the high intensity operational readiness exercise POLARIS 21 off the French coast in the Mediterranean.

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