La Combattante Joins Colombia for Operation ORION

After a week of patrolling near the West Indian arc, the Antilles-Guyane Patrouilleur (PAG) La Combattante carried out an operational stopover in Cartagena-des-Indias in Colombia from October 11 to 15. As part of Operation ORION, this stopover was an opportunity for the PAG command to interact with Colombian military authorities, including Rear Admiral Juan Rozo, commander of the Colombian naval forces.

These interactions enabled the PAG crew, and therefore the Armed Forces in the Antilles (FAA), to increase their knowledge of the means of action of drug traffickers at sea. Cooperation with Colombians and the sharing of information are essential for understand the specificities of the region.

The objective of the naval operation ORION, organized by Colombia, is to create synergies within international cooperation against drug trafficking in the Caribbean Sea and in the Pacific Ocean. 38 countries and 94 institutions are participating in the 8th campaign of this operation.

La Combattante carried out various exercises with the frigate Independiente , including a simulated sea supply maneuver, as well as communications exercises. The ability to communicate between two allied ships, at sea, is a prerequisite for operating together, coordinating and implementing modes of action in anticipation of future joint operations.

The quality of these activities confirms the good cooperation between the French and Colombian navies, in particular in the fight against illicit trafficking.

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