NATO’s SNMG1 Visits Helsinki October 30th

NATO’s Permanent Ship Division will arrive in Helsinki for a port visit next weekend and train with the Coastal Fleet when it leaves.

NATO’s Maritime Rapid Reaction Force Standing NATO Maritime Group 1, SNMG1, will visit Helsinki from Saturday to Monday, 30 October. – 2.11.2021. The vessel department will berth at Hernesaari wharf for the duration of its visit. The visit was hosted by the Commander of the Coastal Fleet, Commodore Jukka Anteroinen . There will be no public presentations for the vessels.

HMCS Fredericton

The SNMG1 is led by the Canadian Halifax-class HMCS Fredericton. Other ships visiting Helsinki are the Portuguese Vasco da Gama-class frigate NRP Corte Real and the Spanish Alvaro de Bazan-class frigate ESPS Almirante Juan de Borbon.

ESPS Almirante Juan de Borbon

The Coastal Fleet will organize a joint PASSEX exercise for the vessels when the department leaves Helsinki on Tuesday, 2 November. Of the Finnish ships, the Rauma-class missile boat Rauma participates in the exercise.

The exercise supports the development of the activities of the Coastal Fleet.

– Cooperation with SNMG1 is a good opportunity for us to develop our operations in an international operating environment, says Mikko Villikari , Chief of Staff of the Coastal Fleet.
The joint action of SNMG1 is also appreciated.

– Finland is an important partner country for NATO and SNMG1 appreciates Finland’s participation in NATO operations and exercises. This port visit is a great opportunity to strengthen our collaboration to ensure a stable and safe marine environment in this area, says SNMG1 Commander, Flag Admiral Bradley Peats .

The prevailing corona restrictions are taken into account in the implementation of the visit and exercise.

Photos by Cpl Laura Landry RCAF

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