German Navy Opens New Command Center

On Thursday, October 28, 2021, the German Navy will take over the construction of the future Naval Command Center (FüZ M) in the Hanse Barracks in Rostock.

The multifunctional building on Kopernikusstraße will bundle the most important management levels of the Navy in the coming years and thus strengthen the ability of national and alliance defense in its function. Part of the FüZ M will be the integration of a military maritime command staff called “German Maritime Forces Staff”, or simply DEU MARFOR in the NATO abbreviation. The staff plans, supports and conducts maritime maneuvers and operations. In times of crisis, for example, NATO or the EU can activate the staff as a maritime headquarters to command multinational naval units. DEU MARFOR is another German contribution to the defense of the alliance.

The “Maritime Operations Center”, or MOC for short, will also have a new home in the building. The MOC, which is still based in Glücksburg, ensures the management of the fleet in basic operations, during exercises, in preparation for operations and regularly during recognized missions.

As the third pillar of the command center, the so-called “Fleet Entry Point (FEP) is established in the four-story complex. This serves as technical management support to ensure communication with the fleet, especially during major maneuvers.

The purpose of the consolidation in a single building is to combine the skills of management, organization and technology under one roof, so that the German Navy can be futureproofed for future challenges.

Construction began on the new building in April 2017 and offers space for around 460 people. Thus, the Hanseatic city is establishing itself increasingly as the naval capital.

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