Helicopter from Vitse-Admiral Kulakov Disrupts Ship Hijacking

On October 6th, the crew of the large anti-submarine ship “Vitse-Admiral Kulakov” prevented pirates from seizing a civilian ship in the Atlantic Ocean Gulf of Guinea.

At about 13:00 a distress signal was received on a Russian ship from a container ship “Lucia” flying the flag of Panama from the Republic of Togo to the Republic of Cameroon. An attempted hijacking of the vessel by unknown armed men in a fast boat was reported. The crew of the container ship, after giving a distress signal, in accordance with the instructions, took refuge in the engine room.

A Ka-27PS helicopter with a Marine Corps unit was immediately lifted from the Russian ship, which immediately went to the area of ​​the incident. When a military helicopter approached, the pirates left the ship, got into a fast boat and headed towards the coast at full speed.

The helicopter flew over the ship. Later, an anti-terror group was landed on board the container ship from the “Vitse-Admiral Kulakov” spacecraft, which freed the crew and proceeded to inspect the ship.

A detachment of ships and vessels of the Northern Fleet consisting of the large anti-submarine ship “Vitse-Admiral Kulakov”, the medium sea tanker “Akademik Pashin” and the rescue tugboat “Altai” operate in the Gulf of Guinea of ​​the Atlantic Ocean for three weeks. Russian sailors ensure the safety of civilian navigation by monitoring the surface situation with the help of carrier-based aircraft.

During the anti-piracy watch, the Severomors inspected several civilian ships and prevented the seizure of the Panamanian dry cargo ship.

The long-range cruise of the VPK “Vitse-Admiral Kulakov” began on June 28 with the exit from the main base of the Northern Fleet – Severomorsk. At first, the ship’s crew took part in the Main Naval Parade in Kronstadt, and after its completion, they worked out individual episodes of practical actions in the Atlantic during a command and staff training in managing the forces and troops of the Northern Fleet.

From August 18 to September 23, the North Sea men operated in the Mediterranean Sea. During this time, they made business calls to Algeria, Syria and Cyprus, and conducted a few exercises on diverse types of defense of a detachment of ships in the transition by sea and worked out the search for submarines of a conditional enemy.

Since leaving the base, the VPK “Vitse-Admiral Kulakov” has traveled more than 20 thousand nautical miles, visiting the ports of five foreign countries.

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