Royal Navy Leadership Visit Submarine Forces

February 19, 2020 – Commodore Bob Anstey RN, Assistant Chief of Staff Submarines, United Kingdom, toured several components of Commander, Submarine Forces (COMSUBFOR) in Norfolk, Virginia, Feb. 19.

The visit was designed to build on the ongoing partnership and enhance interoperability as part of the two counties’ efforts to broaden and strengthen global maritime awareness and access.

During the visit, Capt. Martin J. Muckian, Commander, Submarine Squadron 6, and Cmdr. James Morrow, commanding officer of USS New Mexico (SSN 779), led Anstey and Royal Navy leadership on a tour of New Mexico.

Rear Adm. Jim Waters, Commander, Submarine Group Two, welcomed Anstey at the COMSUBFOR headquarters where each party exchanged gifts.

“We share many common bonds, including a mutual commitment to deter maritime aggression and dominate the undersea domain,” Waters said. “Together our submarine forces are united to confront any challenges and maintain peace.”

The U.S. Navy considers the Royal Navy one of its closest allies, and the maritime forces regularly integrate and operate together.

“There are few other services with a stronger foundation of friendship, trust and comradery than the UK and U.S. submarine forces,” Anstey said. “Working together to strengthen our partnership, our combined forces continue to develop world-leading submarine forces ready to meet current and future challenges.”

The Royal Navy leadership also toured the Submarine Learning Facility on Naval Station Norfolk.

The mission of the U.S. submarine force is to execute the Department of the Navy’s mission in and from the undersea domain. In addition to lending added capacity to naval forces, the submarine force is expected to leverage those special advantages that come with undersea concealment to permit operational, deterrent and combat effects that the Navy and the nation could not otherwise achieve.

The submarine force and supporting organizations constitute the primary undersea arm of the Navy. Submarines and their crews remain the tip of the undersea spear.

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