NRP Bartolomeu Dias Returns from Modernization in Holland

The NRP Bartolomeu Dias returned today, October 25, to the Lisbon Naval Base, after carrying out the Half-Life Modernization Program planned in the Netherlands, to update operational capacities in this class of ships, similarly to updates carried out by ships Dutch and Belgian equals.


The objective of the Modernization Program is to ensure the sustainability of surface oceanic capacity until 2035, giving these ships an updated capacity to respond operationally to the entire spectrum of missions. The program, with a high degree of technological modernization, also incorporates a set of innovative solutions aimed at strengthening logistical support and embodying a solid increase in the operational capacity of ships in areas such as platform management, command and control, capacity for force projection , as well as in maritime reconnaissance, surveillance and situational knowledge.

The modernization of the Bartolomeu Dias Class frigates helps the Navy to update and modernize itself, together with its European partners and allies, to face current and future challenges, and ensure that Portugal responds to its international commitments and has freedom of action in asserting its sovereignty and defending national interests at sea.

The Half-Life Modernization Program, currently underway, is expected to be completed in 2022 with the arrival of the second ship of the same class, the NRP D. Francisco de Almeida.

The NRP. Bartolomeu Dias (formerly HNLMS Van Nes) was built by the shipyard De Schelde Group, in Vlissingen (Netherlands), in 1994, being transferred to the Portuguese Navy on January 16, 2009.

The NRP Bartolomeu Dias has a garrison of 135 soldiers and is commanded by frigate captain José Rodrigues Pedra.

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