Black Sea Fleet Sub Veliky Novgorod Practices Kalibr Launch

During the exercise, the crew of the Veliky Novgorod submarine of the Novorossiysk military naval base of the Black Sea Fleet practiced striking a strike with Kalibr-PL missiles at a detachment of imaginary enemy ships.

The submariners, using electronic missile launches, carried out a conditional missile strike from a submerged position on the “enemy” ships, the role of which was played by tactical groups of anti-submarine and missile ships of the fleet.

In addition, at the training range, the crew of the Veliky Novgorod submarine worked out actions to search for and destroy surface ships of a simulated enemy, urgently dive to various depths, control a submarine when surfacing, as well as fight for survivability.

The exercise was conducted according to the general plan and as part of a control check of the troops (forces) of the military district for the 2021 academic year under the leadership of the commander of the Southern Military District, Army General Alexander Dvornikov.

In total, about 8 thousand servicemen were involved in the exercises with the associations and formations of the Southern Military District, about 350 units of weapons and military equipment from the combined-arms armies, air force and air defense formations, formations and units of the combat arms and special forces of district subordination, the forces of the Black Sea Fleet and Caspian flotilla.

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