CORYMBE 158 – Franco-Togolese Cooperation

After a four-day stopover in Togo, the High Seas Patroller (PHM) Commandant Ducuing joined the Togolese patroller Oti, south of Lomé, to conduct maneuver exercises.

The two buildings began their interactions with a first exercise in tactical evolutions during which the Togolese patroller adapted perfectly to the requirements of the scenario. They continued with presentations on refueling at sea in order to test the maneuvering capacity of the teams operating on the bridge (“cockpit”) of each vessel.

The quality of the conduct of the interactions carried out attests to the rise of the Togolese Navy in the Gulf of Guinea.

In addition, the second in command of the Togolese patroller Oti is a former student of the JEANNE D’ARC 2019 mission and was trained by the current commander of the PHM. This anecdote illustrates the continuity as well as the solidity of the existing partnership between the French armies and the African armies in the area. It demonstrates the quality and reliability of these long-term partnerships, with the aim of fighting together against illicit trafficking in the Gulf of Guinea, but also against armed terrorist groups operating in West Africa. and the Sahel.

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