ARA Ciudad de Ensenada, First of Two LICA Training Ships, Launched

The launch and delivery of a boat are two different moments of the same productive process. It is absolutely normal to water a vessel without it being fully enlisted. The launch of a boat is always cause for celebration.

The decision to launch the ARA Ciudad de Ensenada responds to the need to dispose of Grade 3 for other work that is foreseen in the ARS reactivation plan. Construction of the LICA that was launched this Monday is certified by the NK International Classification Society. Every constructive step is supervised by her. Depending on hull pondness (requirement for booting) that society certified the event
The delivery of this vessel is contractually planned for next year. So, kicked off, continue the enlistment with the same afloat.

Finally, the drying of the boat is planned ahead of delivery. It’s a regular practice to perform duly programmed work as extraction of hull-attached elements for launch crib, cleaning and final paint scheme. This opportunity will be used to place axle lines and pending propellers, simultaneously with the other jobs.

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