FS Thetis Conducts Fishery Patrol in Bay of Biscay

As part of the State’s action at sea, from October 4 to October 8, 2021, the Thétis mine warfare experimentation building was deployed in the Bay of Biscay in order to carry out a week of police operations. fishing off the coast of Brittany.

Illustrating once again the versatility of the ships of the French Navy, the Thétis carried out throughout the week fishing police checks in an area of ​​high fishing activity in order to ensure the application of the regulations in force. and the preservation of the environment and the resource.

Benefiting from the support of an on-board fisheries police inspector, the checks were carried out alongside future Thétis inspectors , who were able to carry out their mission thanks to the real-time support of the National Monitoring Center. Fisheries in Étel. The action of the Thétis thus fits fully within the framework of the action of the State at sea and of interministerial cooperation.

Working with sometimes capricious metrological conditions, the Thétis has managed to carry out numerous checks: purse seine, casayeur, gillers and trawlers, in all seven Breton or Spanish fishing vessels were visited by the Thétis controllers for a verification of the conformity of their administrative documents, their fishing gear and their catches.

Fishing control operations are carried out within the framework of State action at sea. They consist of a wide variety of actions: observation of fishing activities from a distance (kinematics, area, gear put in the water), VHF interrogation of vessels or projection of a control team on board the fishing vessel: verification of logbooks, examination of catches, visit of storage or treatment facilities, verification of fishing gear and mesh control, apprehension fishing equipment or products in certain cases, and finally in the case of a proven infringement. Throughout the year, the French Navy is responsible for fishing controls in waters under French responsibility with maritime affairs, the maritime gendarmerie, the national gendarmerie and French customs.

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