Naval Aeromobile Group in CORMORAN 21

On the night of October 14 to 15, the Naval Aeromobile Group (GNAM) conducted a third massive raid of 20 Army combat helicopters, in several decks, from the two Amphibious Helicopter Carriers (PHA).

This third raid concludes the work of planning and conducting operations, carried out several weeks before the start of CORMORAN 21 and which continued at sea during the three weeks of deployment.

The objective of this night mission was to strike the logistical and command capacities of the enemy. One of the GAMs was thus responsible for destroying enemy surveillance and strike capabilities from a distance and in depth. The other GAM was to infiltrate and neutralize the defensive system of the opposing command post and drop commandos in charge of collecting intelligence. The whole was then to escape quickly to join the PHA, remained under the protection of the escorts, who had to neutralize a frigate and an enemy coastal battery.

Since September 27, the naval aeromobile group has been training to act synchronously in the different environments and fields of confrontation. The realism of the scenario and the resolutely joint commitment of the 1,700 soldiers mobilized during CORMORAN 21, with two amphibious helicopter carriers and 24 combat helicopters, were unprecedented.

With more than 515 flight hours, the GNAM has demonstrated its ability to deliver significant military effects in a contested environment, by having demonstrated tactical innovations. Air-land combat from the sea is an area of ​​excellence that is not widely shared. The Army and the French Navy have proven that they know how to operate jointly to act in defended and threatening coastal areas.

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