Cabo Odger Returned to Valparaíso After UNITAS LXII

On Friday, October 15, the OPV “Cabo Odger” called to Valparaíso, a unit that participated in the international operation UNITAS LXII, with the purpose of increasing mutual cooperation between friendly navies and contributing to projecting the Chilean Navy as a relevant actor in the Pacific.

After more than 40 days outside the country, the Patrolman participated in different activities, which were developed in three phases: maritime, amphibious and Amazonian, focusing on natural disasters, humanitarian aid and training in the various areas of the Naval War.

In Valparaíso, the Unit was received by the Commander of Naval Operations, Vice Admiral Alberto Soto, for whom “this deployment to Peru is part of the tasks that the Navy has carried out this year to resume training and participation in international activities. With this we contribute to the image of the country, we strengthen cooperation ties with friendly navies and we obtain new knowledge in training, in addition to testing ourselves in another operational environment. We are proud of the ‘Odger’, their endowment and their families ”.

For its Commander, Frigate Captain Mario Valenzuela, “participating in international exercises is always comforting because you demonstrate the capabilities you have acquired during your career. The team was cohesive and committed, and they responded exceptionally. The ship has already participated in three consecutive UNITAS exercises and for this we train in communication liaison in other languages, tactical maneuvers and maritime interdiction exercises, among others, because during navigations in transit we also maintain the permanent tasks of supervising national waters. and internal training once we leave national waters ”.

Among the activities carried out, the aero-evacuation of a member of the Missile Frigate “Quiñones” of the Peruvian Navy, which presented symptoms of appendicitis, stands out. According to 1st Lieutenant Santiago Jaman, pilot of the naval air unit that carried out the evacuation, “we were able to operate with 10 ships from different countries, being on board Peruvian, Colombian, Mexican and Ecuadorian units. We are prepared and trained for all kinds of situations, we have rescue swimmers and naval nurses on board, so we were able to react in less than 30 minutes and successfully carry out the aeroevacuation ”.

In UNITAS LXII, personnel and naval, land and area units from 21 countries participated. First Sergeant Cristian Estuardo added that “we have a good team, led by our Commander. The feeling is of joy for having shared with people from other countries, the youngest crews arrive with full bunting, as we say in marine jargon ”.

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